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What does it come with? 
The GameCase comes with console case 
How many games does it have?
Color display, retro design with 36 classic games
It it durable?
Yes! It is drop-proof, shockproof, dust-proof, scratch-resistant. It pretty much protects your phone very well!
 What games does it include?
Ice ClimberSuper Mario Bros,  Balloon Fight, Donkey KongGalaga,  Arkanoid, Five Chess, Mahjong, Ice Climber, PacManTennisMario Bros, Circus, Pooyan, Battle City, F1 RacePin Ball, Soccer, Lode Runner,  Olympic, Penguin Kun Wars, 1942, Macross, Tetris, Boom Man, Star ForceRoad Fighter, Badminton, Sky Destroyer, Bomb Jack, Nuts Milk, Mappy, ExciteBike, Spartan X, Chinese Chess, Contra, Urban Champion